Don't Take Chances With Your Brakes

Don't Take Chances With Your Brakes

Keep up with their routine maintenance

Your brakes are one of the most critical components of your vehicle, but they are also very easy to ignore. As long as they're working, you don't think about them. Lussier's Auto Body & Repairs, LTD wants to make sure they keep working. Our brake service will make sure every component of the braking system is in peak condition so you stop safely every time.

Don't take chances with your brakes. Schedule a routine braking system appointment at our shop in Clifton Park, NY.

Know the signs of a brake system problem

If your brakes are failing or need service, you need to bring your car to a trusted auto shop right away. Not sure whether your brakes need service? You should get your brakes inspected if you notice these signs:






If you brake light comes on, or if you notice leaking fluid or a burning scent, you most likely have an active brake problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Have your brakes checked as soon as possible at our auto shop. 518-371-1053